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We make bottons since 1960 in the most diverse materials. From urea to chifre, coconut to leather...always with the audacity to want to do more, different and better.


A thorough choice that you make, always guided by those who experience quality and sustainability, of the materials you use for the composition of the pieces is, in itself, one of the factors that you classify as being the most important for the development and differentiation of the articles.
The range of materials of excellence that make up our catalog of raw materials for the creation of our buttons, include, among others, leather, wood, bamboo, crown, cork, horn, coconut, urea, among others.

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The luxurious finish we apply to each of our pieces makes the difference with each new order completed.

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Always up to date with trends and new technologies in search of innovation in order to meet the specifics and requirements of our customers.

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